Who Is More Charitable? – Red or Blue States?

It is my very general – and limited – experience that most Democrats believe that they are out to “help the less fortunate.” Their proof? That Democrats are more avid about creating social welfare programs and are more likely to raise taxes on those in the upper tax brackets (vs the Repubicans lowering taxes on those in the upper tax brackets). Democrats make bills that take taxpayer dollars and give it to those in poverty.
So one would think (at least I would) that if the Democratic people have a greater desire to “help the needy” that they would donate far more than Republicans who are “only out to get richer” (as people to the left accuse the right of). However, to the right is a graphic of Red vs Blue states and their charitable donations (this data is from 2004).
I find it highly odd that rich states such as California, New York, and Illinois are below the half way mark of 25. In other words, the top 25 states who donate the most to charity are all…. Republican?
This list is not made by some Republican hubba-baloo show-off either… it is made by the folks at Catalogue for Philanthropy.
Why are so many Democrats so quick to say how much they want to give to the less needy, but they are so hesitant to actually donate to the needy? I can only think of one reason… They want to give to the needy, but they don’t want to personally give to the needy. They would rather the government take from the rich and give to the poor instead of them personally giving what they can give. Of course, the Generosity Index only uses old IRS papers and the deductions reported therein. The Index also doesn’t use the cost of living in their factors. However, I would still wage my bet that there are more rich people in California than Mississippi, therefore, they should be able to donate more – but they don’t (unless they just donate and don’t report it).

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