The Gnashing of Communist Teeth

So, about a month ago I got into a fairly well natured debate with some Communists (Marxist, Socialist, or whatever else they called themselves). It all started with them dogging my homeboy, Ron Paul. Of course, their aim was to post a slanderous article and hope that everyone took it at face value and didn’t research it to find out the truth. What they didn’t expect was that an avid Ron Paul supporter would come along and challenge everything they put forth as “fact.” Below, I am going to give you a few snippets of the conversation that ensued.
Them in Redme in blue.

Their feelings on Ron Paul…

Cite your sources of this accusation, please.

If the IP wasn’t banned from seeing the pic, you’d understand. White nationalists flock to Ron Paul because he wants to destroy what threatens a lot of WN groups, such as the IRS. Basically, if hell freezes over, and Ron Paul is elected, pigs fly, and I find a cure for cancer in my back pocket tomorrow, nothing will change. Ron Paul can’t get shit done because of those who we all elected into the House and Senate. Sometimes you have to look past the one issue that people seem to focus on, the withdraw of US troops from Iraq. There are many more issues at stake here. Just because Ron Paul says that he will pull us out doesn’t mean it will happen. Look at George H.W. Bush and the “read my lips, no new taxes” speech. Just because someone says they will do something doesn’t mean that shit will change.

So you link me to a “banned” picture? What is that supposed to prove? And the IRS threatens the WN groups? No, the IRS threatens the American People. I challenge you to find the law that says that I, you, anyone, owes taxes. Don’t bother, not even the IRS can find it. So with that said… Why the hell are you saying that the IRS threatens the WN groups and nobody else? I always thought the IRS was pretty mutual on their fervency of collecting money.Look past a single issue? Are you dense? I support nearly every platform Ron Paul takes. Just because I am against this war – is far from me being a leftist, liberal, or Democrat. And to come back around, I agree with Ron Paul 100% that if we are going to go to war, then we do it the right way – which is to have Congress declare it. I’m still waiting on my proof.
Debating Universal Health Care…
(1) No, its not. The only dem whose UHC plan I supported was Kucinich’s.(2) No. It is a FACT that every medical association is FOR the UHC of anybody. Everybody loves the idea except the insurance company’s, who are trying to get people like you to believe it. No matter what, there is no way that a dcotor can support a system that tells them who they may and may not treat, and will tell a doctor to let a patient DIE because the patient may not be able to afford the procedure, or that it isn’t covered. Banks may be for-it too, as many people lose their homes due to massive medical debt. And so would the average person. basically everybody except large-pharma and PI.(3) WRONG. It IS trash now. It will take a lot of hard work and a clear vision, as well as a ruthless heart to kill LI. It must be done, however, to save the patient (US)(4) Source? The only limit I see is placed on the amount of people can be doctors is by the price of tuition, and the lenght of time it takes to pay it back-meaning that an artifical market is determining this-not the USG.
It is a FACT, huh? Cite me, link me. And secondly, you really think that I want a system where doctors have to look at money before treating someone? No, no I don’t. I want a system where doctors can treat anyone. I am not for the current system, I am for the “old” system. I am for the system where our great-grandparents would go in to the doctor and go “Doc, my knee hurts” and the doctor would bang their knee with a hammer and say, get some sleep and our grandparent would pay them $5 and leave. I will direct you to this piece here that talks about how this system can and does work – yes, even in todays world. I will warn you though, it is a piece from Ron Paul, so maybe you don’t accept his writings.So in preparation for that, I am including a few links “Many argue for greater government intervention in health care. How ironic, since government policy, particularly excessive regulatory intervention, prices many Americans out of coverage and thus contributes to the high numbers of uninsured” (here), “Health insurance is increasingly expensive, mostly due to the rising cost of health care. Those costs are rising for many reasons, most of which are tied to Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans Administration hospitals, licensing restrictions, malpractice law, and other government policies. But government meddling in the health insurance business itself accounts for a large part of the problem, explaining over half of the uninsured population. “(here), “There is no question that the American health care market is inefficient. But this inefficiency does not stem from the use of third-party payment plans. Rather, it is the inevitable result of government tax-and-spend programs and regulatory mandates that interfere with the free market by eliminating the vital link between insurance premiums and each consumer’s risk-cost profile. ” (here), “California is hardly the exception. Regulating the insurance industry has become the cause de jour in many states. There are more than 1, 500 mandates on the books across America. A recent study suggests that in some states, mandates account for 40 percent of health-insurance costs.” (here), to show that much of the problem of health care is due to the government.

I was asking them to cite me proof of what they were saying…. so this is their response. (Remember, I am debating 3-4 of these guys pretty much by myself, and as of yet, everyone is not giving me anything but their opinion).
you ask why we don’t waste our precious time to google stupid online articles to debate your “facts”??? it is too easy to find articles to support each side of the coin… as far as i’m concerned, all of your “facts” are irrelevant and a waste of time… for someone that hates lazy unions so much, you sure seem to have a lot of free time on your hands… i can find well-written, well-researched articles right now to justify things like racism, sexism, the iraq war, etc… if i find more articles to justify the war in iraq, does that mean i’m right??? it just makes you feel smart and high and mighty, not to mention flat out annoying to people who actually care about the state of workers who keep this pathetic country (with an equally pathetic constitution) going despite the efforts of the capitalists whose cocks it appears you would like to suck as long as something trickles down your throat (emphasis mine)
And I am glad that you lowered yourself to calling me names… it just goes to show that you have to attack the person, instead of the argument.
The original and whole debate can be read here. I had a whole lot of fun on this debate and I learned a lot.

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