The Al-Qaeda That America Made

 I agree. Most of the “terrorist” problem is severely inflated.

(Putting on my conspiracy hat) I personally believe that most of this “problem” is inflated to give certain people more power than they already have. To example this, look no further than things such as the Patriot Act, the suspension of habeas corpus, et al.


6 Responses to “The Al-Qaeda That America Made”

  1. 1 DJ
    31 March 2008 at 18:33

    “I agree. Most of the “terrorist” problem is severely inflated.” Really? You really believe the terrorist problem is smaller than it is being portrayed? Why? How? We have been in scuffles and scraps with Islam and the Muslim religion since Thomas Jefferson was President. The Barbary Pirates were towel heads! No, my friend, the terrorist problem is NOT inflated, if anything, its current “coverage” is only because there is no other enemy. the Right doesn’t have Socialist Russia anymore, and the Left doesn’t have the right (for the same reason). The joy the West had over defeating the Soviet Union in the Cold war has only further divided this country, causing the HUGE cultural and political (because of the cultural) divide in the history of this country! The right has not exploited this enemy, the left wing media has. If there is any over inflating the enemy, it is PURELY do to the coverage in the press because we are winning in Iraq.

  2. 31 March 2008 at 18:52

    Please cite your examples of us being “in scuffles and scraps with Islam and the Muslim religion since Thomas Jefferson was President.

    Let’s just say that what you say is true. What can we learn from that? That we are doomed to fight over every little detail of life until we figure out a way to kill ourselves off?

    To answer your question, yeah, I believe that 70% of the “terrorist” problem is inflated no… hyper-inflated. Are there people that want to kill other people because they live in America? Sure. Is there a lot of them? No. Will you ever “kill off” the idea of someone hating someone? No. Then why in the world would you spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars for something you never will end? That idea is inane.

  3. 3 DJ
    2 April 2008 at 14:02

    I cited an example, The Barbary Pirates, they were first. What we can learn from that is from the beginning of our Country, the simple idea of America has spurned hate from “the religion of peace”, the life style (Western lifestyle) that America enjoys, is not tolerated by a certain aspect of the religious world. Do I think they should come around to our way of thinking? No! Do I think they should be as tolerent of our lifestyle and our religions as we are expected to be of theirs-HELL YES!
    70%? Where are YOUR sources? Evidently there ARE a lot of them,the evidence is all of the world wide web, and is evident on the “news” coverage from around the world-and don’t make the false assumption that the hate is only directed at George Bush, the hate is directed at America, at England, at all “Western” cultures. I do not believe the intent is to “kill off” the idea of someone hating someone, but to prevent the hate from wiping out a culture, a culture that I and millions of other Americans happen to enjoy. As f ar as the fiduciary expenditures, I do not place a price tag on the American way of life. Personally, I think we should focus a bit more on curbing the raging Socialism here, but with an enemy aching to wipe our belief system off the culture map, I am a bit more concerned that that NOT be accomplished! The idea of letting Islam run rampant is inane.

  4. 3 April 2008 at 00:51

    Hmmmm. The Barbary PIRATES? From what I could find, the Barbary Pirates attacked anyone – especially France, England, and Spain. So I am not quite sure where you are getting this “simple idea of America has spurned hate from ‘the religion of peace'” rhetoric. The fact is that the Barbary pirates attacked anyone that was not a Muslim, especilly those who sailed into their seas. This can be seen from the response from Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja (Tripoli) to the Continental Congress.

    “It was written in their Koran, that all nations which had not acknowledged the Prophet were sinners, whom it was the right and duty of the faithful to plunder and enslave; and that every mussulman who was slain in this warfare was sure to go to paradise. He said, also, that the man who was the first to board a vessel had one slave over and above his share, and that when they sprang to the deck of an enemy’s ship, every sailor held a dagger in each hand and a third in his mouth; which usually struck such terror into the foe that they cried out for quarter at once”

    I see nowhere that these pirates are attacking America for being America. No, they were attacking and imprisoning people because they were not Muslims.

    Wait… you seem to be conveniently forgetting some recent history. How about how we treated those who looked Arab after 9/11? Oh yeah, that was just precautionary because, after all, it was Muslims that ran planes into the WTC, so therefore we have to be suspicious of all Arabs huh? Or how about WWII when we incarcerated all Asians due to, well, they had skinny eyes and skinny eyes attacked us in Pearl Harbor. So lock up all those skinny eyes! Or how about Manifest Destiny? The “mission” [from God] to remake the world in the light of the United States. How is that for tolerance? Or how about Haun’s Mill massacre where Mormons were killed because they were Mormon? Or how about the Bear River Massacre where soldiers went in and attacked indians so they they could have their land – supposedly doing unmentionables to those they killed. And much of this “tolerance” of people with different people were observed during the 1830’s, such as the Trail of Tears and the Long Walk of the Navajo.

    Yeah, America has had her fair share of killing people because they were not like them or because they just simply wanted something from them. I would like to challenge you to find cases where Muslims (or anyone) came over here and attacked us when we had done nothing wrong – nothing to anger them – except that we were Americans.

    70%. Yeah, what, I can’t quote some arbitrary guess on how much I think the “terrorist” problem is over-inflated? I don’t need to justify my guess. If you want examples of why I think that it is inflated and hyper-inflated, I would be glad to answer that type of question. Evidence of what? What evidence are you talking about man? Find me some websites that have some “We hate America just for the absolute hell of it.” Find me some of this media coverage that says they hate America, “Just because America is America” or because “America is free.” I spend way too much damn time on the Internet, and I’ve yet to come across anything of that nature where the auther hates America just to hate. They normally have a reason, a damn good reason too….

    Wipe out what culture that you and a “millions of other Americans happen to enjoy”? What is American culture anyways?

    You act as if these people, Muslims or whoever, are going to attack us and take over our lands. I don’t see it that way at all. What I’ve seen since the attacks on 9/11 is our own government taking away America. Terrorist didn’t make us wait in 2 hour lines at the airport, our government did. Terrorist didn’t make a “No Fly” list, the government did. Terrorist didn’t make it illegal for us to have certain guns or weapons, our government did. Terrorist didn’t make me scared to freely speak my mind (like saying “I really wish someone would wax Bush”) because I know someone is listening, our government did. Terrorist didn’t make you a national suspect for checking out the Anarchist Cookbook at the library, our government did. Terrorist did allow us to be detained by the police without a warrant, our government did. Terrorist didn’t allow our homes to be searched by whoever deemed us to be suspicious, our government did. Terrorst didn’t make memberships into certain groups (like Americans for Tax Reform, Second Amendment Foundation, etc.) to be suspicious of terrorist activities, our government did.

    I think that if the terrorist wanted to take away our freedoms, then they have done a fine, fine, fine job of getting the ball rolling for our government to do just that. After all, terrorist haven’t taken any freedoms away, all they have done is killed a few thousand people. It is OUR government that takes our ways of life away from us.

    Tag, you’re it…

  5. 5 DJ
    3 April 2008 at 10:46

    I was not aware we were playing tag. I never implied America was perfect. I suppose you used your precious Google to search for sites with titles like “I hate America just becasue it is America”? You are right all that time you spend on the internet probably hasn’t reesulted in a site with that title, perhaps you should look further into the various Muslim and Islamic sites, not just suprface searches. So if I understand your point, then killing non-muslims because there non-muslims is ok, but the wording I used was wrong? OK, so be it, you still made my point, they kill us and the French and the Russians, and the Spanish, and the Jews, and the Catholics, and the… because they were (are)not Muslim. Surely, you can see the difference between the way of life we have in America and the way of life they have in the Middle East, I don’t beleive that point needs clarifying and yes they HATE (with the exception of the populace of Iran) our freedom and lifestyle. Also, I never claimed nor implied our own government was innocent regarding our missing (or attacked) rights , but since you bring it up, lets look; Why are the lines to get on airplanes 2 hours long? Hmmmmmm, Oh I know, becasue airplanes were flown into our buildings! Who is suspected of flying those planes into our buildings? Was it guys named Bill, or Joe or Bubba, or Henry or Tom, or Ted, or Jim? Was it black guys in business suits? Was it Norweagins in dockers? Was it Grandma? Was it a Berkely student? I could be wrong but I believe it was Muslims, male Muslims with names like Ahmed and Mohammed, so do I think THEY should be detained a bit longer before getting on an airplane YES, do I appreciate my Mom get stripped searched to board a plane, NO! So who is responsible for some TSA hack getting to second base with my Mom? Currently its the SOCIALIST’s the American sheeple have elected to public office, would they have had a reason to implement the TSA and all the other crap had it not been for the MUSLIM TERRORIST’s flying planes into our buildings-I think not! As far as WWII, it only makes sense! the Japanese attacked us, WE didn’t lock up the Mexicans or the Canadians, or the French-we only took precautions against those who attacked us. As far as the government “listening” do a little research first, the calls had to originate from areas where terrorists were known to be (i.e Jordan) and the originating and destination phone numbers were then put into a data bank, if the data in the data bank revealed a trend like a list of numbers being originated from or termninating to the same number, that data was further analyzed, your rights were not violated, your phone calls were not monitored and unless you returned a call to the middle East, your phone number isn’t even in a data bank-quit being so damned paranoid! I noticed you choose to use the Anarchist cookbook example, why? Seems to me any book checked out of the library could (or would) be tracked, site one story where a US citizen was arrested, or detained or even glanced at wrongly because of a book they checked out from the library. Detention without a warrant, happens all the time, any time the police choose to, they can detain you, each state has specific time periods the police can hold you without charging you, if they cannot charge you they are required to release you. I ask, again, please site one example of a US citizen being detained unlawfully?
    If America is so bad, MOVE!

  6. 4 April 2008 at 01:08

    We spoke of this exchange offline so I will be brief since in person, I think we are primarily on the same page.

    I am a non-interventionalist. I don’t care if we are a super power or the only super power. We do not need to be involved in other people’s and other country’s politics. IMHO, the only thing that comes out of that is resentment because we are then viewed as imperialist. An imperialist nation will always be viewed by the occupied as evil, and they will consequently be treated as such. So, get out of other countries business and we will have a lot less enemies that hate us.

    I have a big problem with government. The bigger the government, the more corruption it will inevitably bring. For instance, give the government the power to listen in on phone calls from overseas to stateside phones (as the NSA wiretap does now), and tomorrow they will be asking to listen into calls that everyone makes, for any reason they deem inappropriate. So therefore, I do not and cannot support something such as the NSA wiretap. As it may sound weird or cliche to say, but giving the government an inch and they will most certainly take a mile. And in that mile, you, me, our families, et al, will all be swept up in their undoubted corruption.

    I am an individualist. I don’t adhere to the idea of collectivism. Sure, there are bad Muslims that hate anyone that is not Muslim. But there is also many Muslims that are very, very peaceful people. And this is true of any group out there. Therefore, I cannot justify or support any such action such as interming Asians during WWII because we were at war with Asians/Japaneese. I cannot justify profiling people with turbins as being more dangerous than a guy in a business suit just because he practicles the same religion as guys that flew planes into buildings. I just can’t. I won’t. I refuse. Each person is accountable for their own actions. If they screw up or try to hurt someone, then by all means, throw the book at them. But don’t throw the book at them or punish them or insinuate that they are guilty just because they are part of some “group.” That is….. BS.

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