Chandler’s Horniest Cat

Kiku the horny cat

Everyone, this is Kiku. Kiku is the horniest cat I’ve ever seen. She has been in heat since…. I think about November 07. OK, so not constantly, but the only break she’s had is a few days. Call me stupid, but I didn’t even know that cats could be in heat this long. I can only think of a few reasons for this length of feline slutiness.

  1. She is getting older. She knows that if she does not mate soon that she will not be able to mate. Her biological clock is ticking. Too bad her only feline friend is a fixed male. Poor girl….. Poor boy too… LOL.
  2. Her owners are talking about fixing her. However, they cannot fix her if she is in heat. It is a no-no to fix an animal that is in heat. It can mess them up. So I am actually suspect that she is not in heat, and she is just faking it so she won’t get fixed.
  3. She enjoys spraying. Call it a fetish, but maybe there is just something about shooting your jolly juices over random objects.
  4. She is really a robot and her “heat.exe” program has encountered an indefinite loop. It will continue to run until the owner restarts her. Not sure how to restart her if that is the case though…

So there you have it – Kiku the horniest cat in Chandler. Any male felines that wish to help Kiku out, please leave a comment on this blog.


2 Responses to “Chandler’s Horniest Cat”

  1. 1 blondegenes
    13 November 2008 at 20:32

    I understand that, if you spay or neuter a cat who has already started the annoying spraying furniture and things that it won’t change that activity.
    I hear that spaying or neutering must be done prior to the cat achieving sexual maturity, before the spraying starts.

  2. 21 November 2008 at 01:07

    Possibly so… However, in this case I have not seen that. The cat was fixed and it has not done anything like it was doing before.

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