How Much of Your Money Is The Government Giving Away?

Calculate how much the government has promised to take from your family to bail out financially irresponsible companies. Click the graphic below to go to the site to see how much YOU are paying


If you are unhappy with this, then sign the petition!

Below is a video of Ron Paul schooling the shit out of Ben Bernanke on how the bailout is unconstitutional.


8 Responses to “How Much of Your Money Is The Government Giving Away?”

  1. 8 February 2009 at 22:18

    Is it really up to 8 Trillion? That is crazy.

  2. 8 February 2009 at 22:23

    Supposedly. From what I’ve heard it seems like less than 1T is being allocated directly to the people, though.

    If you don’t like it, talk to your politicians.

  3. 18 February 2009 at 02:47

    There are a lot of unhappy people. Most of the comments I’ve seen are saying that they don’t agree with this.

  4. 4 Alan Scott
    20 February 2009 at 15:31

    Rush Limbaugh seems to be right. Investors are shorting Obama’s stimulus plan. Every new move Obama makes drives the stock market averages lower. Did anyone think that a Chicago Socialist could make good economic decisions? One has to ask, is he really this stupid? Is he driving investor confidence down for a reason? Perhaps when we lose all confidence in capitalism, we will beg Obama to do anything to save us.

    On another tack. Has anyone tracked the stock market averages from a Congressional standpoint? The President always gets the blame or credit for the economy. Clinton survived politically because the stock market and the economy were generally good for him. I will have to track the averages from 1994, when Gingrich and the Republicans took the House, until Pelosi and Reid took power in 2006. The Republicans have gotten the blame for the economy since 06, but a case can be made for a Pelosi-Reid depression since then.

  5. 20 February 2009 at 17:41

    @Alan Scott: This is not tracked all the way back to 1994, but here is a snapshot of what happened to the market as soon as Obama’s pen hit the paper.


  6. 6 Alan Scott
    20 February 2009 at 21:16

    @Konfusing Kancer,

    I actually found this harder to research than I thought it would be. I strive for accuracy, even above my own partisanship. I was trying to test my theory that the stock markets did worse under Democratic Congresses than Republican ones. So far I’ve only tracked it for the House of Representatives back to 1995 when Newt Gingrich became House Speaker. I don’t have Jan.1995, but Feb. 1995 the DJIA was about 4000. Jan. 1997 it was 6800. A nice 2 year 59% gain for Republicans.

    Madame Speaker Pelosi came in with a DJIA of about 12,600 Jan.2007. As of now in Feb.2009 it is around 7300. A huge 2 year loss for Democrats. The total 12 year record for the DJIA would be 4000 to 12,600 for the Republicans. If the Democrats hold the House for 12 years the DJIA, to match Republicans, will have to be 39690, in the year 2019. This was only a rough draft attempt. Any inaccuracies are not intentional and I invite anyone with better sources to point out my mistakes. I also realize that the time comparisons are not entirely fair, but I hope to correct all of these if I get the time to research it better.


  7. 21 February 2009 at 06:13

    First off, I think that you mean to say that the percent gain for the GOP from 1995 to 1997 to be 70% over 2 years.

    But, Let’s just say that if the GOP went up 70% in 2 years, then let’s do this for the Dems…. Let’s give them some small term goals…

    Feb 2009 is at 7300. So by 2011 they should have made it up to 12,400.

    If we are at rock bottom and Obama is so motivational, then this shouldn’t be too hard, right?

  8. 8 Alan Scott
    21 February 2009 at 19:09

    Konfusing Kancer,

    You are right about the percent gain for the first 2 years of Republican rule in the House. The GOP did better than I gave them credit for. Actually being the partisan that I am, I am not willing to let the Democrats use 2009 for a baseline. For this exercise, which independent of the President, I use 2007 for a baseline. That is the year they swept in to power. Pelosi and Company have to get to 12,600 just to get to zero. If I wanted to be a real jerk I would use 14,000 as a baseline, because it peaked there several times, and because in my mutual funds, I bought at that price. But I will not let my personal misfortune interfere with my basic fairness.

    I don’t know that an analysis of the Senate control for these same years would be of any use. The Republican majority from 94 to 2000 was never enough to give them the kind of power that Harry Reid enjoys now. After 2000 it was mostly a tie, with slight advantages going back and forth and a couple of independents effectively siding with Democrats. As of now it is 56 to 41, with 2 independents who are really Democrats and one undecided. It is easier just to stick with the House of Representatives. What I believe I can argue is that Bush never had a firm majority in the Senate to work with. When Democrats argue that Republicans were in charge and therefore to blame for all misfortune during most of the Bush years, they forget all of the mischief they were able to do in the Senate.

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