Arizona, Quit Thinking About Raising Taxes You Morons!

Man, these politicians just don’t get it, do they? During a slowing economy it is not good to raise taxes – much less a recessive economy. This is what is being rumored here in Arizona.

Faced with a sliding economy and deepening state deficit, Gov. Jan Brewer’s office is quietly making plans for a spring special election at which voters would be asked to raise taxes and loosen spending mandates on certain state programs, The Arizona Republic has learned. (link)


I always like to boil things down to a lower level. The amount of money that governments deal with is not something we can really fully understand. But, In this situation the government spends money on programs X, Y, and Z. In our scaled-down version, let’s say you are paying for your car , food , and entertainment. You learn that you are going to have less income coming in, let’s say your spouse had their hours cut back. So, what do you do right away?

Well, I know when I was growing up the answer was to completely cut out the unneeded stuff such as movies, music, and new clothes. The stuff that couldn’t be cut back, such as food, was redone – coupons were snipped every day (and used), if clothes were messed up we either wore them anyways or they were patched and if needed a trip to Goodwill, car pooling to sport practices to save gas. This was the immediate response to the dillema, not the afterthought.

But even so, with government, let’s say that they raise taxes. Let’s just say that they raise the sales tax from 5.6% to 7.0%. This may not seem like a lot, but when you go to buy groceries or WHATEVER, then you are going to feel it.  I believe that the term for this is called nickel-and-diming you to death. Of course, likewise, this increase in taxes will NEVER be a temporary tax either. Even if things get better, you can be assured that whatever tax raise they did will remain.

Note to Arizona politicians: Quit talking about raising taxes! Go through your duty list and find out what things are garbage and trash them. If you still need money, then look through your box again and find out where you can cut spending by 5%-10%. I’m sure you can find the money between those two ideas somehow.


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"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth... For my part, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst; and to provide for it." - Patrick Henry

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