When Your Child Peeks at Your Playboy You Are Guilty of Child Abuse

Hmmmm. I am sure that many of you have mixed feelings on pornography. This is further muddied when you start talking about when is one grown enough to view materials that are pornographic in nature. How old do we need to be to be able to view such material? What happens to the human psyche, if anything, from viewing it at young age? Does it change the way we love? Or, does pornography really have very little to do with how we interact – instead we learn how to interact with people more through how our parents teach us? In other words, if you view pornography at a young age, are you destined to be psychologically f’d up?

Before I jump into this I’d like to mention how times have changed over the generations. First off, you would grow up with your parents and grandparents and possibly your aunts and uncles. You did this all under one roof. Nobody had their own room. I’m sure that privacy was not the biggest concern in a situation like that. And likewise, I would presume that when the adults wanted to get busy that you would have to lay there and listen… or watch. It was just a part of life back then and accepted as such. I may even go as far as to say that people interconnected sex with a loving marriage because of this little tidbit. But I digress.

I think that I was exposed to pornography at around 11 or something. My friend had found a computer disk with about 5 pictures of nude women on it and we sat there and checked it out together like any curious boy would do. I don’t think it changed my psyche and I don’t think it changed who I was. I don’t think it made me some sort of woman hater. I think that all of who I am is derived of how my parents raised me, not because I was exposed to pornography at 11.

In Iowa they are trying to pass a bill that would designate anyone that allows a child to see pornography to be guilty of child abuse and be listed on the state’s child abuse registry.

Iowa lawmakers state that:

Access to pornography puts children at greater risk for sexual abuse as well as psychological and emotional harm. (link)

With what study has this been confirmed? Says who? Am I psychologically and emotionally harmed? Anyone else out there that was exposed to porn at t young age that feels that they have lived a fairly normal life? I could be totally wrong. But, I’d be glad to hear other peoples experiences.

Of course the lawmakers say that this law will be reserved for the most serious cases. But, what is the “most serious” of these cases. If I have a kid and they have been sneaking my stash for 4 years, does that mean that I am a serious case because it has been going on for 4 years? Or is this only reserved for me when dad drops me his 2008 issues of Playboy? Or, does it only count when he drops me something more hardcore, such as some BDSM magazine?

I see this as just another law to get into our homes. We don’t know what is going to be considered obscene by some loopholed law. Is me watching Look Who’s Talking going to be too obscene? Or does it matter how old the kid is – maybe a 3 year old can’t handle that when a 5 year old can? Or how about American Pie? Se7en? Borat? Simpson’s Movie?

Or what about that tattoo you got of a naked woman on your bicep? Are you going to have to cover that up every time you see your kid until they turn 18?

I want my government to protect my life from invaders and and protect my freedoms and liberties – not jump in through my window and make sure that my kids aren’t seeing anything they don’t approve of… whatever that may be as they haven’t really defined it.

Please correct me if I am way off.


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