Los Angeles meter maids, you are pitiful

Dear LA meter maids,

You all are pitiful. I recently went on vacation to Torrence, CA, and received a parking ticked while sitting in my car. When you walked by my car slightly before 10 and saw me sitting there you could have simply told me, an out-of-state visitor, that parking in that area was closed at 10PM. I would have gladly moved if you had told me that the parking was closed. Instead you decided to write me a ticket with me sitting in my car. I know, I know. California needs some extra revenue so you are told to go full bore on ticket writing. 10:01PM and still waiting to pull away because traffic has you blocked in? TICKET! Waiting on your friend to get back from taking a pee and it is 10:01PM? TICKET! Or in my case, 10:17 and sitting in your car trying to figure out what to do in a strange city where you know where nothing is? TICKET!

Ya’ll are pitiful. But, I understand. Arizona is full force with their speeding revenue cameras as well.



PS – I won’t be back.


2 Responses to “Los Angeles meter maids, you are pitiful”

  1. 1 DJ
    27 April 2009 at 15:11

    I did two tours in California, one in San Diego, and one just a bit north of LA, things haven’t changed. The ticket books are about the only positive revenue generator in California.

    Regarding not going back, I don’t think you will miss anything.

  2. 2 James
    9 June 2009 at 21:21

    I wonder how many “parking enforcement officers” there are in LA. There must be a small army!

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