US Census Is Marking Doors with GPS Coordinates?

This is a repost. It may seem a bit far fetched but here you have it. I happen to believe it but you can judge for yourself of what to think about it.


From: Deer Sniper

HEADS-UP – WARNING – from person in eastern Washington

Dear Friends:

I got the visit today. That is to say, the Census Bureau came a callin’ but they didn’t come in.

As I sat working in my office, I heard the motion detectors on my driveway go off. I got up to see who was coming. It was a big White Yukon that I didn’t recognize. So, I got my trusty side-arm and went to greet my trespassing visitor. They had come past four NO Trespass signs and up to a locked gate and then she got out and came around the locked gate. I met her as she was less than half way up the driveway and asked who she was.

She said loudly and officiously, “I am with the United States Census Bureau.” I asked what she had in her hand and she said, “A Computer.” I asked, “Is it a GPS?” She said, “YES” then I said, “Take it and GO!”

This all took only a minute or so and she was running back to her truck. As she got in I asked, “Are you with the Civilian Corps?” She said, “YES and we are working for the Census Bureau.”

Well..there you have it folks, the Brown Shirts are out getting GPS coordinates on certain houses. Why did I say “certain houses”? Because she didn’t stop at the neighbors house at the bottom of the hill nor did she go to the two houses at the top of the hill… JUST MY HOUSE!

They are targeting anti-Obama persons and others I suppose, who are on some sort of list. She had a very small pad in her hand so I surmise it was a list.

Be warned, the Obamatrons are coming for us. Virtually everyone in America fits the MIAC and FBI and CIA definitions of terrorists if they wish to make it so.

You do not have to submit to these Obama minions. They do not have aegis to invade your privacy or ask anything more than how many people live in the home. They will say they do. Then they will show you the threatening note at the bottom of the survey. But look below that at the line with the asterisk beside it. It quotes a code. If you look it up you will find that you have the right to refuse questioning. But the form says it is against the law not to answer the census taker. This is what is called “color of law” and intimidation as well as fraud.

She admitted she was with the Civilian Corps and she wasn’t here to take a census because she didn’t have one in her hand. She was here to mark the coordinates of my home, I presume for some sort of aerial or military action of some description at some other time. The census is NEXT year not this year. They are premarking our homes. The Brown Shirts are here so beware. Also know the Civilian Corps are NOT under the command of the military but rather are under our Commander and lying Chief, OBAMA!

This is all very unnerving. She also stopped in front of the driveway monitors and made notes. There are some you can see and other you cannot see. I also had cameras rolling and film taping. They must have had training because no one else has ever noticed the monitors before but she did. She was even actually wearing a brown shirt though I feel this was a coincidence but a nervous thing never the less.

Welcome to CHANGE folks but my question is: Do We Have Hope?



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