Did Obama Lie About Health Care Deal?

A few weeks ago Obama pretty much said he made some sort of negotiating with the health care industry. I heard a lot of people rallying this point on Obama’s brow. FINALLY, someone up high is looking out for us. My first thoughts? Fooey! He didn’t do anything significant! If anything, he took us a step closer to universal health care. No bueno in my opinion. Come to find out, he really didn’t make any deals with them. The companies are still ramping their prices, just as they have before. Obama is a liar and the proof is below.


When President Obama announced last week that he had worked out a deal with various health care “stakeholders” to reduce health spending 1.5% per year, most of the “news” media reported the event by parroting the White House talking points.

It would appear, however, that the Obama talking points diverge somewhat from the actual agreement. According to AHA President Richard Umbdenstock, our fearless leader misrepresented the consensus reached by the group:

The groups, he said, had agreed to gradually ramp up to the 1.5 percentage-point target over 10 years — not to reduce spending by that much in each of the 10 years.

Now, why would our President fudge the facts? Well, it’s nothing new. He’s been lying about health care since well before the election. He has, for example, repeatedly told whoppers about how much money EMR will save the system.

In this case, the obvious reason is that he wants to pretend his government takeover of healthcare is actually a perfectly reasonable bipartisan reform effort.  But this latest Obama whopper has caused a pretty serious rift within the lute:

Ominously for the Obama plan, the White House’s ham-handed use of the industry groups has made the industry nervous and caused the groups to start backing away.

The industry groups should be nervous. The One is obviously playing them for suckers, just as he did the chumps at Caterpillar. He did not, as claimed by the director of the White House Office of Health Reform,  misspeak.

He lied.

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6 Responses to “Did Obama Lie About Health Care Deal?”

  1. 22 May 2009 at 15:54

    A lying politician? Wow, what a new and novel concept! Now, where was your moral outrage when the Bush administration was lying us into an illegal war of aggression against a nation that had not, and never would have, attacked us? Oh yeah, you’re a partisan hack, so that was fine with you…

  2. 22 May 2009 at 19:34

    Badtux, I surely hope you are not saying that I am two-faced. Because if you are, then you are gravely mistaken of who I am. In fact, I would venture to guess that I said more than you did and ever will.

    Thanks for trying to smear me without even knowing who I am, you partisan hack.

  3. 3 Alan Scott
    27 May 2009 at 06:35


    Why don’t you check your facts? President Bush did not lie, President Obama did. To lie you have to knowingly give out false information. Here is another fact you got wrong Einstein. Iraq did attack us. An attack on any American is an attack on all of us. Saddam Hussein attacked our jets that patrolled the no fly zones. He regularly violated the terms of the first Gulf War cease fire. All of these were grounds for war.

    I notice that you did not say that President Obama told the truth. Just that Bush lied too so it’s okay that Obama lied. Maybe it’s because you liberals know your guy lies and you approve.

  4. 4 Alan Scott
    12 June 2009 at 14:29

    This is from an article in National Review. President Obama said that he had an agreement with Health care groups to reduce the growth of costs by $ 2 trillion. The only problem was it was another Obama lie. Obama said they promised to cut 1.5% per year over 10 years. The American Hospital Association said it was 1.5% over 10 years.

    Why is it that fools like Badtux believe it is OK for Obama to lie, because they claim Bush lied about Iraq? When will they demand the truth from Obama? As usual facts do not matter to fools. Can’t you Obama fools admit to yourselves that you were hoodwinked?

  5. 5 DJ
    12 June 2009 at 15:36


    “When will they demand the truth from Obama?” The answer is never. They relish in the ideas their Messiah touts. To hear a prominent figure say what they “feel” is the ultimate high, it validates them as people.

    Those of us on the right have a bad habit of employing logic and debating facts, the leftists do not understand logic, and facts are mere obstacles for them to bend around. WE are the unfeeling, uncaring, evil doers. THEY are the compassionate, heartfelt saviours of mankind.

    You and I have debated the Conservative-Libertarian viewpoint with a Statist and a Liberal on another (excellent in my opinion) site, they both avoid logic, and spin facts. I am particluarly humored with the current spin they are using- Obama “inherited” a bad economy (ie its ALLLLLLLLLLL Bush’s fault), yet when I engaged our Statist bafoon on the FACTS that Clinton’s economy was a benefit of the Regan tax policies he dismissed the FACTS because they came from a right wing source. When I found a Clinton-friendly site, he spins with “the house was controlled by the GOP” mantra to dismiss yet more facts.

    What I am most curious about now is how is the left (particularly the anti-war left) going to spin the upcoming (necessary) war with Iran or North Korea to get the economy moving forward again. Everything BHO is doing has, as you know, failed everywhere and everytime it has been tried, hell WWII was necessary to save us from FDR’s failed policies.

    A theory I have been researching lately involves the post WWII economy. How much of the wage freezes and price capping could have been eliminated if the economy would have been left alone after the Stock Market crash, hell a lot of our current problems stem from Governemnt intervention in the 40’s and 50’s.

  6. 6 Alan Scott
    13 June 2009 at 18:00


    My theory about the Democrats is that they will do anything to win power. They will run the country in to the ground just to get power. The Paradise Lost philosophy. “Better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.” The only time they do anything right it is to prolong their power. During G.W. Bush’s Presidency they did everything thing they could to make us lose in Iraq. They acted as if they cared. They were against the war because it was Bush’s war. No other reason. Now they have a right to oppose a war, but once we are in one, it is every officials duty to do everything they can to make sure we win. Did Republicans sabotage FDR during WW2? Did Republicans sabotage Clinton during his Balkans war? They may have opposed it before hand and criticized some of the strategy. They did not openly work for it to fail, as Pelosi, Reid, and Murtha did to Bush. Did Republican’s call American Troops and Intelligence operatives criminals, as Democrats did?

    Now having failed in their Iraq war strategy to win power, what was the Democratic Party’s other strategy? Sink the economy. Discredit tax cuts and free market capitalism. They have succeeded in this enterprise. How did they do it? The American economy has many engines. If you can dump sand in to enough of those engines the economy nose dives. The two engines they stalled were energy and housing.

    Now their answer is that Republicans were in charge. As if they had no power for 8 years. What they did with their friends to the housing market via the fair housing legislation and Fannie and Freddie is well known. The energy strategy was just as sinister. They blocked new supplies. They strangled us all with this. They then blamed Bush and Cheney, citing the oil companies profits and pointing out that Bush and Cheney were ex oil men. The anger towards the oil companies translated in to anger towards the Republican Party and made it easy to convince the ignorant that green energy and the Democratic Party were the answer.

    As gasoline prices rise and Obama’s green solutions don’t work and the green jobs don’t magically materialize, we will have an opening. That’s if Republicans can continue to stand together and don’t cave as they have in the past. It really is beyond my patience and understanding why Republicans continue to attack other Republicans, when the enemy is so obvious. And I do not list Gov. Schwarzenegger or Colin Powel as real Republicans.

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