Woodstock Attendees Running Government?

If I was to ask what happened in August 15-18, 1969, some may know and some may know all too well. If you don’t that is OK because I wouldn’t know as it was before my time. What happened then was the original Woodstock.

So, after 40 years, what has Woodstock delivered? Do we have more peace and no war? Do we have more love? Do we have more understanding? Do we have a greater tolerance for others around us? What ever happened to the attendees of Woodstock anyways? Exactly, how influential has Woodstock been on our culture as it is deemed to be?

Of course, as this article mentions here, “what strikes me now – long after the event – is the false promise of Woodstock. For the tolerance and understanding, the peace and love, were not built upon a change in the human heart. Instead, they were built upon – in the Woodstock generation’s own words – sex, drugs, and rock n roll.”

Indeed, humans never did change deep-down by the event we call Woodstock. In fact, it almost seems ironic that a push to change the basic societial relationship of humans was attempted to be built on drugs which seperated you from reality, sex which is naturally euphoric, and music which can also trigger euphoria of a sort. In other words, the change was being brought on an imaginary cloud induced by some sort of alternate reality.

Of course I don’t completely condone their efforts. I think that everyone should explore their inner-being to the degree that they feel comfortable with themselves. If you need to use drugs to do that, I don’t really have a problem with that either – so long as you don’t harm or interfere with others. I also am very much into the tolerance and acceptance of others. However, the progression of the human race seems to be squarely in the corner of the traditional conservative education and exploration. This can be evidenced by the Moon Race from 1957 to 1976.

I want to take a real quick tangent to tolerance and acceptance before I forget though. I consider myself very tolerant and accepting of others. I do this by first recognizing that everyone is an individual. There are bad individuals and good individuals. Secondly, I recognize that I am not like anyone else – I am unique. Between these two attributes, I think that this is how we will make real progress on the issue. This is versus the idea of the hippy and now Liberal movement where we need to give special privledges or extra help to groups of people.

So where are the attendees of Woodstock today? In this article here they say, “Now hippies have all become Republicans and instead of taking LSD, they’re taking Viagra and losing their hair.” Inversely, to me it seems that with the severe push in all levels of government to become more Socialist that they all went home from Woodstock, took a bath, got haircuts, put on some clothes and got jobs as todays Democrats.


2 Responses to “Woodstock Attendees Running Government?”

  1. 1 Alan Scott
    20 August 2009 at 18:27

    This posting did not fit any categories on this site but I wanted to post it somewhere. I realize that Ted Kennedy was not at Woodstock. However, the Senator does share a lot of the same liberal clap trap philosophy as the Woodstock generation. Senator Kennedy believes that the end justifies the means. Back when the Democrats thought that Senator Kerry might be president, they pushed through Senate replacement rules to make sure that Gov. Romney could not name a replacement. Now that a Democrat is Mass. Governor they want to change the rules back for Senator Kennedy’s eventual replacement.


  2. 21 August 2009 at 03:19

    I heard about this. This is nothing new for the Democrats – change rules to fit them at that particular time period…. ya know… “for the greater good.”

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