What is Wrong with People in Collections?

So my father has a loan that has been in default since 2002. It has bounced through multiple collection agencies. It has gone to court and they have agreed to garnish his paycheck.

But guess what. My dad does not make a steady paycheck and at that, not a very large paycheck. So, the garnishers stopped. To put it simply, those who are owed don’t have much to get from him.

Enter me. I call up this place and tell them I am possibly willing to take over the loan. I say that I want the entire history of the loan – ever since it was “born” all the way until now. They said they are not sure if they can get it. They get a bunch of information from me and see what “deal” I can get.

They come back and ask me how much I want to pay a month. I say, nothing until I can get the history like I originally asked for.

They asked again if I was the one that was taking over.

I told them, possibly, if I can get the history of the loan and work a deal.

They asked again how much I was going to pay.

I told them, look, this isn’t my loan. My name isn’t on the loan, I never signed for it and I can walk away at any time.

Then they come back and start telling me “well the loan was taken out on your behalf. You should pay it back.” It is true that the loan was taken out for me, but that still doesn’t negate the fact that I asked for the history of the loan and that I wanted to negotiate, not just start paying on a severely defaulted loan.

So I told them, “quit with the terrorist tactics.”

Then they had the nerve to come back and tell me that I was negating my duty and that I was just going to let my dad go into ruin…

… then I just hung up. Like I warned them, I don’t deal with terrorists.

These people are out of their minds. They have someone that is willing to start making a loan right. A loan that even garnishing has failed to repay. And I ask for just two small things – the account history and the negotiation terms. And they get evil on me and start trying to play with my emotions.

If that is the game, then have fun trying to collect from my father!


3 Responses to “What is Wrong with People in Collections?”

  1. 1 Alan Scott
    23 October 2009 at 15:26

    Wow, it sounds like a call to the Dave Ramsey show on Foxbusiness. Dave always says that in regards to collection agencies, you are not dealing with intelligent life.

  2. 23 October 2009 at 17:44

    @Alan Scott: I am a big fan of Dave Ramsey. I was not doing his “Rice and Beans” plan (almost, but not quite), but I did do the snowball plan. I am out of debt and taking this loan back on would have obviously put me back in debt.

    I am still amazed that they acted like that. They had me ready to pay. I don’t have to pay as my name is not on the loan. And then they go all terrorist tactic on me.

    Um, no…

  3. 3 Al
    7 February 2011 at 23:02

    This reminds me of one time when I went out of Wal-mart and found another item in the bottom rack of the cart. I checked the receipt and saw that I hadn’t paid for it, so after loading the rest of the stuff into the car, I took the item back into the store. The security guard/greeter started to put a return/refund tag on it and I said, “I’m not bringing it back for a refund; I missed paying for it but I don’t want it enough to stand in line again.”
    His mouth hung open as he persisted in trying to attach the refund tag to the item. “You don’t want a refund?” he asked.
    “No, I didn’t pay for it. I’m returning it.”
    I guess he’d never had anything like that happen before.

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