Census Mail: Perfect Waste of Money

I just received this today. I am sure that you will be too, if you haven’t already. This is a PERFECT example of wasteful government spending – mailing something to tell you that they are mailing you!


I hear that the Census got slimmed down… but I know that all I’m telling them is that one person lives at my place. Anything else, they don’t need to know about. Buzz off…


3 Responses to “Census Mail: Perfect Waste of Money”

    10 March 2010 at 19:28

    Howdy, pardner – You need to view this letter as just part of a direct mail sales campaign. A properly run direct mail sales campaign issues mail pieces on a scheduled basis, in order to get the recipient comfortable with the company doing the selling, as well as the item or service being offered. It is hard to know if anybody in Washington, other than Ron Paul, even realizes how much this invasion of our privacy offends us normal citizens. If they do, this letter is obviously designed to give the ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling to the upcoming interrogation. If they don’t (realize…) then they also don’t realize this is just salt in the wound.

    Regardless, do not overlook the ‘sales pitch’ in the second paragraph: “Your response is important.” Since I can’t Cut and Paste the rest of the paragraph, and don’t want to type it over, as you can plainly see by reading it, it is nothing but PROPAGANDA to feed citizens the belief that they NEED government assistance; and by filling out the complete census data request, you will be helping bring your community and your neighbors the portion of government money to which you and your community are ENTITLED. As you well know, these are all catch words for the special interest groups, designed to encourage them to register all of their ‘special interest group’ information – ethnicity, level of pay, marital status, job status, automotive needs, and on and on.

    I highly recommend that all of your readers take less than four minutes to listen to the weekly statement of Ron Paul on the 2010 Census, whether you like the man or not. Here is the You Tube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfvrnvRsQTo As he clearly states, the purpose of the census is only to count noses in order to be sure that U.S. citizens are being properly represented by the correct number of representatives in the U.S. House of Representatives. But now it has been turned into a fact finding mission, and even though the Census Bureau solemnly swears that all information will remain confidential for 75 years (?), don’t fall for that line of crap. Why go to all the trouble to collect all of this extra information, if it isn’t going to be used for 100 other purposes ? So the government can’t even tell a lie without creating a dichotomy. If all they are really doing is counting noses, why is it important to keep the number of noses a secret for 75 years ? Conversely, if they are promising to keep something confidential for 75 years, it must be more important information than the number of noses on each person’s face. So it ain’t gonna be kept confidential. This whole census activity is funny beyond belief. It’s better than “The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight.”

    If you aren’t pissed off enough already, as Ron Paul explains, failure to complete the form in its entirety, will earn you a visit from a live person – maybe even a New Black Panther – to help you complete the form. If you still don’t feel like cooperating, when you regain consciousness, you may find yourself in jail, awaiting the issuance of a $5000 fine.

    As I told you before, either shoot the goddamn gun or put it away. ;-) Now is your chance !
    Use the damn thing ! You can still maintain this blog from prison. Even from solitary confinement.

    Personally, I plan on cooperating fully. I will be completing the form in its entirety using the little symbols displayed on the second or third line of the instructions for illegal aliens. Of course, I’ll have to make up my own symbols, since I don’t know either of those languages. In fact, I don’t even know what country uses those types of script. But at least I filled out the form in its entirety, like a good citizen should. I figure by the time they find someone who can decipher what I have written, it will be time for the 2020 census anyway. Cheers, R-J

  2. 10 March 2010 at 22:20

    @Rough Justice: I know what the Census is and is not supposed to be… and as I understand it is was a headcount and nothing more.

    You are right – this is all about them making you feel like you need them. I don’t know about where you live, but there are commercials on the radio telling us to comply “so we can get much needed money for our community.” Wrong answer. The census is to make sure that we have enough Representatives and to levy direct taxes (which they never will do because then we the people would be directly affected). It is not meant to see who needs the most money, but that is what it has become.

    I will say so now, but all they are getting from me is a headcount. They can try to take me to court, if it really is that important to them. But really, they already know everything about me. They have access to Federal and State records, so this really is a snoop Census. As for ron Paul, I love the man. One of the very few politicians who actually tell it like it is and how it is supposed to be. Everyone else is fluff. Or maybe I will use your method of just writing babble in the blanks. After all, ACORN can register Mickey Mouse so why can’t The Roadrunner live here? Ha!

    Thanks for the response R-J.

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