Healthcare: It’s Not Cool So I Won’t Pay

We have a problem with Jonesing here in America. We see what we have and then compare it to our neighbors, friends and family. It is a popularity contest to see who can obtain the most gadgets and the most gadgets the quickest. We spend hundreds and thousands of dollars a year on… junk.

Think about it… how much is your cell phone plan? Mine is about $75/month, which comes out to $900/year. If it was an iPhone it would be  $99 for the phone (8GB, bottom of the barrel) and for the minimum plan (450 minutes + iPhone service + no text messages) $63 a month. Almost everyone has a flat screen TV which is probably $800 or more. Many people have laptops. Smoke and spend $900/year (1 pack a day). Drink every weekend ($1000/year). And if you ever go to the mall or the electronics store people are clearly buying crap they really don’t need. And the list goes on and on.

So why is it so hard to pay for something as sacred as your health? Why is it that we want free health care but we don’t mind buying big screen TVs, new cars, iPods, laptops, netflix, cable, tivo, satellite, and new clothes? Was America not taught that there are “needs” and “wants” in the world and that needs come first?

Also, what about preventative maintinence of the body? We change the oil on our car to keep the engine happy. We vacuum the carpet to maintain the quality of the carpet. We clean the inside of our computers (well some of us) so that the dust buildup allows parts to cool down. We change the batteries in the smoke detector so we can be alerted that something is on fire. We wash our hands to prevent germ buildup. We trim the grass in the front yard to maintain our property values.

But when it comes to our HEALTH… hell no, we can’t do personal maintinence on that.

Now, I am not advocating that the government should come in and tell us how to do preventative maintinence on our bodies to keep us healthy. What I am saying is that it is our personal responsibility to maintain our bodies… just as it is our personal responsibility to maintain our cars, homes, electronics, and safety equipment. It is not my neighbors responsibility to maintain my body nor is it their responsibility to pay for it.

So what I am hearing is this.

  1. My body and my health is not important enough for me to invest my money into.
  2. My body and my health is not important enough for me to invest my time into.
  3. My body and my health need to to be supervised and cared for by someone else.
  4. I do not want to hear how much health care costs so hide it from me – make my employer see the bill, or my neighbor (see #1).
  5. My government knows more about what is good for my body than I do.

Maybe I am wrong. It isn’t cool to show off how healthy you are… or that you are covered by your plan… or that you made some lifestyle changes to live healthier. No, it is cooler to show things that are materialistic that you can show to the neighbors, friends, or family. It simply is not cool to say “I look out for myself” but it is cool when you whip out your iPad at the bar to check the score of the game.

In other words, if it does not score me cool points then I don’t want to pay for it. I want it, but I don’t want to pay for it. I am too busy buying other things to score me cool points.


1 Response to “Healthcare: It’s Not Cool So I Won’t Pay”

  1. 1 Alan Scott
    2 April 2010 at 12:29


    What scares me more than even the cost of Crapbama-care is that once the government pays for your medical costs they can tax you,,,no fine you for behavior which theoretically raises their costs . The most obvious behavior that they fine you now for is smoking . The idiots who smoke are being fined by way of outrageous taxes on their addiction . If I were a smoker I’d be the biggest lawbreaker I could be . I’d buy bootleg untaxed cigarettes from anywhere, just to screw over the government . If I had to I’d grow my own tobacco and roll my own. Since I don’t smoke, other than the rare cigar, this is moot . At any rate these tobacco taxes,, I mean fines were meant to cover the increased medical costs of smokers . We all know that they are being used for everything but that . So this BS concern for smokers was just a liberal lie to over tax smokers .

    Now the liberal swine want to go after soda . Another health issue . Just another tax on us . They don’t freaking care if they put the bottlers out of business . They don’t care if they put the employees of these companies out of work . It’s all about power . Which they derive from their power to tax us . They will use our health as a way to royally screw us . It’s what they do .

    My last example I pulled from an article in National Review . Felix Ortiz a New York State assemblyman wants a salt ban in New York State restaurants . Someone putting salt in their food preparation to serve to the public would be fined $1,000 . Mr. Ortiz says it will save $32 billion in health care expenses . I do not know over what time period . Naturally this clown is a Democrat .

    Just as when the US government prohibited, then later allowed and taxed alcohol, we have them messing with us in the name of health or public safety . Even after prohibition bootlegging whiskey was done to beat the taxes .

    I predict that if these freaking clowns continue, crime by ordinary citizens will have to go up . Instead of illegal booze and tobacco, it looks like we will all be making our own soda and going to the shore to evaporate illegal salt . Or maybe we will all buy rock salt and make our own bootleg table salt .

    I realize all of this sounds crazy, but with the Bolsheviks ruling the country it is definitely possible .

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