Medicine: How Much Does It REALLY Help?

It bothered me a lot when I was in the U.S. Army at how they addressed my health. I remember getting processed in and getting the shots, about 7 all at once in a cattle-like assembly line. Later in basic training at 3am, again where we rolled up our sleeves and proceeded through a line of 2-3 more shots like zombies. Then again at my duty station, forced flu-shots. In summary, they were shot crazy.

Prior to this I can only remember a few times where I got shots. Furthermore, in general, growing up I never really went to the doctor either. I would  just “sleep it off.” Even when I was older and had my wisdom teeth pulled out I refused to be gassed and opted for local anesthetic instead. Since then I have never been a fan of Western Medicine and today I am almost completely against it – and for more reasons than one.

In my personal experience I haven’t had a lot of success with medicine. Even something as harmless as Aspirin never seemed to help me. People will claim that it helps them but I really wonder how true this is. They will point to the numbers showing that we live longer than we used to, but I still wonder if this is because of other things, other than our medicine (such as, better emergency room care for injuries, better delivery methods for deliveries, and better life ending medical procedures).

According to this site HERE in 1960 the US life expectancy was 69.8, in 1970 it was 70.8, 73.7 in 1980, 75.2 in 1990, 77.0 in 2000, and 78.1 in 2009. So in that time, how much has medicine played in extending the life expectancy? How much of the +8.3 increase in life expectancy be attributed to pharmacuticals?

The World Health Organization (WHO) states HERE that of medicine consumption “low-income countries falling and that of the high-income countries growing. The market share of the USA alone rose from 18.4% of the world total in 1976 to over 52% in 2000.”

So if we are consuming a disporotionate amount of drugs, then why are we not rising faster on our life expectancy? I think this lends creedance to my above suspicion.

If this is true, then what are all those drugs really doing then? In the last few years there has been some controversy over the flu-vaccines and autism. While the CDC (Center for Disease Control) says that the vaccines are safe – are they?

After all, supposedly in 2009 CDC director Dr. Julie Gerberding took a job at Merck to head up their vaccine division (link). I know that the whole flu-shot vaccine is “bunk conspiracy” but I don’t really believe that line. After all, it is widely admitted that the flu-shot has thimerosal in it, which is mercury. And we’ve all been told that mercury is bad for our bodies… to see what mercury does to our bodies, watch this video from the University of Calgary here. So after watching that video, I am not sure how the CDC says that the vaccine is “safe.” There is also a lundry list of things mercury also does to you here.

In any case, this is my point. I never go to the doctor. I never have. I’ve never taken the flu-shot except the one that the military forced me to take (I fought it, but lost). and you know what? I almost never get sick. I refuse to even take pain medicine. The way I figure it, there are far better and more natural ways to combat things wrong with your body. If you don’t believe me, then watch the movie Dying to Have Known (availible through Netflix and Blockbuster).

And if that movie is right, then what does that say about the FDA, WHO, CDC, and all the other “health organizations”?


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