Protests over SB1070 here in Arizona

I actually have no idea if people are still protesting the SB1070 bill here in Arizona, but I do want to comment on it. I am not really sure what they are exactly protesting. I am not sure they know what they are protesting. Somewhere along the line people felt that the bill was specifically racially targeting them. Maybe they (Mexicans) were targeted because they are the biggest group that is crossing illegally, but I don’t think that they are the target of SB1070.

But anyways, they are protesting. They say that they are protesting the racism and that they are tired of it. Or they are protesting Sherrip Joe Arpaio, which by the way just got a $1M bounty put on his head by a Mexican Drug Cartel. I can somewhat understand protesting Arpaio. Supposedly he takes racist tactics to reel in illegals (i.e. going into latino communities and doing sweeps in hopes of catching illegals). I don’t think that I have enough information to judge whether or not his actions are good or bad. If he is going into latino neighborhoods and stopping people that have broken the law in some way (not just stopping and going “Papers Please”) and then later inquiring on their legal status… I have no problem with this. We are all subject to traffic blockade stops that seem to pop up around the drinking holidays, and at that point we are being stopped just because we are driving… not even because they really have a probable cause. So if the officer in the sweep stops someone doing something illegal and later finds out they are illegal, what is the problem there?

I don’t know. Maybe I am just totally naive. I think we have all experienced stereotyping in some way and some sort of discrimination though. I am not a huge guy and have never been the most popular. I was the guy that was the last one to get picked for kickball and soccer… even though I was extremely athletic. I was very shy as a kid and during high school I was even spit on at a football game because I wasn’t cool enough to sit with my fellow students. But, I never made a huge deal of it. I never cried to the school or the government that they had to make people pick me somewhere other than last or that people had to be my friends.

I think if I had complained then I probably would have been told that I was some sort of privledged white boy and that I don’t know what true discrimination was. And of course, that I just had to deal with it. But hey, I carried a free or reduced meal ticket just like all the other poor kids. You see, I was told pretty early on that life wasn’t fair and that you worked for what you got. So, I made it into my adult years and worked to make a nice life for myself. I wholeheartedly do not understand the entitlement attitude  that seemingly half the American public has.

Why do I owe you an apology for what your seven-generations past endured? Why do I owe you money because of how you look? Why can’t you work for what you get, just like me?

I am off topic now as I wanted to talk about the people downtown protesting the SB1070. I will admit, I am not a big fan of protesting. I think it does little – yes, even the Tea Party marches on Washington. The news stations barely even cover that stuff and surely the politicians don’t listen. I think the only way that we can truly protest is to go out of our way and discuss our feelings on certain matters and encourage others to vote for or against certain people. For example, I refuse to vote for John McCain and I’ve encouraged others that may vote for him to not vote for him and instaed vote for, preferably, Jim Deakin.

But what is being protested anyways? If the court has found large portions of the law to be lawfully Constitutional, then I can only assume that they are protesting the legality of the legal system itself. What does that say about these people? That they want a lawless society that just let’s whatever happen? Not me! And I say this as someone that follows a fairly decent Libertarian mindset – there are a TON of laws that I don’t agree with. But me going out and beating a drum in the middle of the street and blocking the entrances to buildings surely isn’t going to get things to change.

So anyways, I really question all these events. It scares me. Everyone is so caught up in this tizzy that they don’t even know what they are protesting anymore. Do they want what the result is going to be – Communism?


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"We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth... For my part, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst; and to provide for it." - Patrick Henry

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