The Ron Paul nobody knows about

This isn’t a politician. This is a man.

I’ve often wondered how someone can claim to be a Conservative or even a loving-Democrat when they spend millions on campaigning.

Original here.

I would like to tell some things Dr. Paul will be remembered for, back home in his district. See, he does so much in stealth, its hard to keep up with the man and just what exactly fills his day when he comes home for a long weekend and stays for a few extra days or a week to catch up on things.

He does spend time here, recently it has not been as often, but during the hay days he would fly in on Fri and sometimes stay at his office in his district to work.

But that’s not all he did when he was here supposedly working!

Several times a year Ron would get up very early in the morning and go get his youngest Grandaughter. He would pick her up and together they would drive 4-5 hours in heavy Houston traffic, through his huge district- all the way up to Houston Intercontinental Airport.
Paul lived appx 1.5-2 hrs hours south of Houston and Bush(duhbya) Intercontinental Airport is 2 hours N of Houston.

Anyways, together they would drive all this way up to the airport.
They were on their way to greet an American hero who was coming home that day, and Ron wanted to meet him at the gate, simply to give him the medals he had earned in battle—at the gate—right in front of his family when he stepped off the plane.

Another thing I so vividly remember is that Dr. Paul could NEVER bring himself to ask his constituents for money to run his campaigns to win. NEVER once did he say, “Help me with my campaign” or “Can you donate”. Not even ONCE!

He has been over heard saying “the government takes so much from them all ready, how can I ask for more?” His staffers and campaign people begged him, but he would not ask.

Anyways, we all know Ron! He has his ways!!!

Once or sometimes twice a year he would send out a big mailer in a larger style envelope. In it we would find certain important bills he has written. Votes he has cast, and reasons why he voted the way he did. He would give us some scoops on whats coming up, etc etc.
Lovey would put some of her delicious recipe finds~ like a good Gumbo or Crab Stuffed flounder recipe she had run across…

Maybe Ron would include a photo of a new addition to the family (black and white photo of course) and that would be it! Not one single mention of money in the entire envelope. Then, if one looked deeper inside the big envelope, tucked away, we would find a much much smaller envelope. No bigger then a folded check! The only thing written, where the stamp would go was “your stamp saves this campaign much needed funds”, and thats it! He couldnt even ASK US FOR MONEY! He doesnt hang around at events looking for it afterwards, hes gone in a flash!

I guess he supposes we should know what to do if we want him as our Representative, and we certainly did know what to do and he certainly used an ultra conservative budget to run every single campaign on a shoe string budget. Thus- exposing himself for the conservative he is, while the others spend a FORTUNE to upend him at every turn.
The strories he could tell…

Just ask Duhbya, Rove, Harris and the Galveston County GOP just what spankings theyve received from Dr. Paul, theyll tell you. Newt had the entire delegation go against Paul one year by having ALL TEXAS CONGRESSMEN and WOMEN endorse Rons opponent. Well, Ron went on to win that election by winning MORE of the VOTE spending LESS money then the election year before! Just like one would expect of our true conservative.

At one point in his career, it was said he delivered half his own votes BY HAND! That was a running joke for the longest. He was surely loved and some could not understand him or his reasoning, but they trusted him. Many said to him “we trust you with our children’s futures and our checkbooks” and his response was always the same. “One should never trust government, nor should one be expected to do so.”

So there ya have it.

His retirement has removed a good feeling from our district. He knows the wolves are circling the camp and want in. Boy oh boy do they want in.

but we know the great sadness that NO one will fill his shoes, but we will be forever grateful for the service and devotion his entire family has given us. One thing I will say, Ron Paul gave us our moneys worth. Thats for sure! He was worth every dime we sent.

What an education he handed us. Never charging and always respectful. We love him and we will miss him dearly.


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