Connecticut: What the Anti-Gun Crowd Really Wants

Stolen from a friend of a friend with a law degree:

Connecticut gun laws the killer LIKELY violated (with assumptions pointed out):

[DISCLAIMER: This is based on the “facts” about the situation being currently reported. These “facts” are fluid, and would affect the following analysis.]

One: He’s guilty of three counts of theft. (Assuming mom didn’t lend him the two pistols and rifle.)

Two: He’s guilty of three counts of possessing a weapon on school grounds.

Three: He’s guilty of two counts of criminal possession of a pistol or revolver. (Assuming he was “convicted as delinquent for the commission of a serious juvenile offense,” which is a logical assumption based upon reports that he had a “checkered past” and had been a “troubled youth for most of his life.”)

Four: He’s guilty of two counts of illegal possession of handguns. (Concealed-carry permits aren’t granted to anyone in Connecticut under the age of 21.)

So that’s at least four laws, and with a total of 10 violations (counts). Note that I didn’t mention other laws he broke, including murder, assault with a deadly weapon, etc. Those “counts” would be nearly incalculable.

Laws (like those listed above) can only punish violations in retrospect – i.e., after the violation has occurred.

So, logically and unemotionally, my serious question is:

What additional gun laws would have PREVENTED this situation and other recent mass killings?

If “gun control” advocates hold their position that their goal is to PREVENT such situations, then logic dictates that the only law that would meet their objective would be very easy to draft:

“No person, citizen or non-citizen, living within the United States may own or possess any firearm.”

Imagine the governmental (police state) powers that would be required to enforce such a law. No longer would we be simply talking about the Second Amendment. There would be multiple parts of the Constitution that would need to be discarded.

As long as the goal is prevention, the real agenda of those advocating strict gun control legislation must be the collection and destruction of all firearms. That would be the only way to PREVENT such incidents from occurring.

And my apologies to those who may be offended due to the timeliness of this post. I’m not without sympathy. It’s simply the analytic and logical part of my nature to move to such a discussion quickly.


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