Why Do Tragic Events Always Occur On The Same Day Government Is Training For That Event?

Is it just a coinscidence that many of our “terrorist” events have happened on the same days that government was performing training exercises for the same disasters? Are terrorist really so stupid that they are now planning their deviant acts around the calendars of government agencies training exercises for the very event they are training for?

“The easiest way to carry out a false flag attack is by setting up a military exercise that simulates the very attack you want to carry out. -Captain Eric H. May, former U.S. Army military intelligence officer

[1994] Estonia: Ship Estonia is sank on first day of a “10-day NATO naval exercise called Cooperative Venture 94, in which more than fifteen ships and “a number of maritime aircraft” were prepared to conduct ‘humanitarian and search and rescue operations’ in nearby waters.” While this was not considered a terroist attack, it was suspected that there was illegal arms trading with Estonia as the transporter and NATO was possibly escorting them). The Estonia sunk on the same day and the same waters where NATO was training on how to deal with a severely stressed ship. (Debatt Sanningssokande Mediakritik)

[2001] 9/11: National Reconnaissance Office (under the DHS and and CIA) had “planned a simulated exercise with a mock ‘plane-into-building’ crash on the morning of 9/11.” I believe this meeting was being held in NYC, and was “canceled” when it happened for real. NORAD also trained with emergency response of planes flying into prominent buildings in America. The planes hit the WTC and the Pentagon on the same day they planned a mock training exercise on how to deal with such an event. (Aviation Week)(Boston.com)

[2005] London: Visor Consultants’ Peter Power, was “running an exercise for a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations.” The company turned out to be Reed Elsevier, which has been accused of being very politically connected. Visor Consultants and Reed Elsevier chose eight possible locations to drill at, to which three of them were actually chosen by the terrorist on the same day as the drill was to take place. (Channel 4)

[2011] Olso, Norway: Norwegian Police perform drill in handling a bomb in an official building. Bomb attributed to Anders Behring Breivik went off only 26 minutes after the anti-terror drill finished and a few blocks away. Breivik admitted to having carried out the actions he was accused of, but denied criminal guilt and claimed the defence of necessity. The training happened within 48 hours of the bombing. (The Local, Norway)

[2012] Aurora, CO: “Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine is in the middle of holding specialized classes in disaster life support for 150 second-year medical students. Along with response to natural disasters like hurricanes and floods and terrorist attacks, one of the scenarios being used to train the students is how to respond if a shooter fires at people in a movie theater and also uses a bomb in the attack.” The movie-theater shooting occured the same day. (Denver Post)

[2012] Newtown: Connecticut Department of emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP) and Division of Emergency Management & Homeland Security (DEMHS) offer a FEMA/DHS drill in Bridgeport, CT (32 min away) from Sandy Hook called “Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters” (FEMA L-366).

[2013] Boston: Boston Bomb Squad training. UM Coach, Ali Stevenson stated, “They kept making announcements to the participants do not worry, it’s just a training exercise.” The bombing happened on the same day. (GR)

Why have so many tragic events happened while training for the very event that occured?


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