EDM: DJMAG Top 100 for 2013

For those of us who enjoy Electronic Dance Music (“techno” for you people who aren’t in the loop) it is time to weigh in for our favorite DJs. In general, the sub-genre trance takes the top spots probably due to it’s popularity around the world.

Voting just started today and as of right now as I try to log in to vote I am notified that the site is down. I guess everyone and their mother is trying to vote and has crashed the site. No worry, Armin Van Buuren probably has a million votes. :)

So who should I vote on this year? I generally take the road less traveled and try to vote for people I want to see move up in the chart that are less known.


I am thinking about voting for the following five (in no particular order) but I won’t be final for a while.

[KEY] 2012 DJ Mag Position : My 2013 Prediction Positive/Negative/Neutral.

  1. 40:25 Porter Robinson – Love his music and he was phenominal when I saw him live, plus he is super young! I believe he was one of the big movers for 2012 and I think he will be a big mover for 2013!
  2. 18:18 Sander Van Doorn – I think hes super creative and alwasy enjoy his music. Also good live.
  3. 24:15 Dada Life – Man, these guys are nuts. They put on an absolutely phenominal show. They came out to a [legal] rave in a warehouse and just acted like they were playing for a full stadium.
  4. 25:14 W&W – These guys just have too many tracks in the clubs and are playing with the big dogs (i.e. Armin). you can’t miss them.
  5. 2:3 Tiesto – I’ve always liked Tiesto. He always churns out something catchy every few months and he has even switched sub-genres and is still doing well. Even so, I think he will fall one place this year.

These are guys who I think should be moved down – some of them are personal vendettas.

  1. 4:12 David Guetta – He comes up with some catchy tunes but I saw him live and I hated his set with a passion. I also view him as a sellout.
  2. 5:8 Deadmau5 – I loved Deadmau5… before everyone knew who he was. I first saw him in a half filled club. He put on a great show but I’m tired of his antics and I also see him partially as a sellout.
  3. 10:9 Skrillex – He is much the same as Deadmau5. I liked him before when nobody knew what dubstep is. Now everyone thinks that if Dubstep doesn’t sound like Skrillex… then it isn’t dubstep. I quite like him and his music, but I’d like to calm the fire a bit and see some different dubstep folks step up.
  4. 14:15 Gareth Emery – I haven’t personally heard much new stuff from Emery. I think his popularity is based more on his rave scene. I personally did not like his live set.
  5. 15:18 Steve Aoki – Very trendy and I didn’t care for that. The kiddos seemed like they liked the live set. I guess he does blow up a boat and ride it into the crowd.

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