Kyle’s Favorite Android Apps

Below is a list of Android apps that I enjoy.


Alarm Clock Plus: I love that you can set an infinite amount of alarms as well as a nap function. you can even set how long you want the snooze to be. Free.


Calorie Counter: If you are trying to keep track of your food then this program is very easy to use. It may not be as accurate as other trackers (users put in nutrient values) but this on is the easiest as you can scan anything with a barcode. Free.


Camera ZOOM FX: Great features for a cell phone camera. $


Color Note: Have a to-do list? A grocery shopping list? Need to take a quick note? This program does great. I also like that you can share your list with others by various means.


Drudge Report: This may not be for everyone as it leans politically right but it is a great snapshot of news.


Tiny Flashlight + LED: Use your phone screen as a flashlight… or your camera flash… or have your screen do other nifty lighting tricks for when you awnt to go wild on the dance floor.


Gas Buddy: I like to save money on gas. This little program shows you where the cheap gas is (permitting that other users are entering gas prices around town). If you update enough gas prices you can redeem your points for tickets to win gas. How cool is that? Free.


Pandora: A lot of people have this program in various areas. You can access it anywhere which is one of it’s major selling points. Free.


QuickPic: The standard viewer is probably fine for most folks. I just think that QuickPic allows more user-friendly options.


ScoreCenter: Anyone who keeps up on any sports should have this. you can set it up to send you notifications of any game for any reason (i.e. game start, score, team update, final score, etc.). Free.


Tip N Split: You should be able to do the math in your head… but what if you have a big group and everyone is chipping in? This makes the splitting easy. Free.


Words With Friends: Play scrabble with friends or random opponents. Much better and addicting than any other game in my opinion. You will be surprised which of your friends has a good vocabulary! Free.


Yelp: Do you like to eat? To you like to find good businesses to spend your money at? do you go out of town and want to find the good places to eat? Do you like to let the world know your experiences with different companies? Well, then get this! I don’t know how many times I’ve used this while out of town and found awesome food that there is absolutely no way I would have found otherwise. Free.


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