Goodbye, BCS Football

florida_state_champions_wallpaper_by_ronan_ncy-d71c2hqThe Bowl Championship Series (BCS) football is over for college football. It went out in style last night as the Florida State Seminoles beat out the Auburn Tigers, which is probably in the top five championship games played during the BCS era (Ohio state over Miami in 2002, Texas over USC in 2005 are my favorites).

Already the pundits are already talking about what the 2014-2015 preseason rankings are going to be as well as who is going to make it to the 2014-2015 championship game, which I find to be a pity. For the most part we don’t even know who will be playing on each team due to some players still holding out on whether to commit to the draft and the second contingency of what will happen on the NCAA Signing Day for new recruits. I personally have a problem with preseason rankings because I think they hold entirely too much weight on the entire season. Take Alabama for example – they are a good team but they were ranked #1 all season despite showing “talent points” and close wins against teams that they should have smashed only to lose their last two games against Auburn and then Oklahoma (for granted, Alabama was a victim in the Auburn Miracle experiment). In my opinion if Alabama was judged the same the way the rest of the fleet then they wouldn’t have been the reigning #1 for most of the season.

The Bowl Series was on par with how it always has been in college ball – crazy, unexpected, and full of upsets. Alabama fell to Oklahoma, Stanford lost to Michigan State, Baylor lost to UCF, Arizona State got smashed by Texas Tech, NIU dropped the ball against Utah, and Ball State lost to Arkansas. To me all this simply shows how fickle and biased rankings can be – how can the big bad Alabama lose to Oklahoma? This is why NCAA football is so much better than the NFL to me – anyone can win any game. It just depends on who wants it more paired with field conditions, home-field advantage, injuries, depth of roster, and coaching. You generally don’t get that with the NFL as all players are top notch as are their backups.

I’d like to share with you the results of the Bowl games. First off how the Big Ten (B1G) faired.

27DEC13: Minnesota Golden Gophers vs Syracuse Orange (ACC)… (17-21)
28DEC13: Michigan Wolverines vs Kansas State Wildcats (Big-12)… (14-31)
01JAN14: Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Georgia Bulldogs (SEC)… (24-19)
01JAN14: Iowa Hawkeyes vs LSU Tigers (SEC)… (14-21)
01JAN14: Wisconsin Badgers vs South Carolina Gamecocks (SEC)… (24-34)
01JAN14: Michigan State Spartans vs Stanford Cardinals (PAC-12)… (24-20)
03JAN14: Ohio State Buckeyes vs Clemson Tigers (ACC)… (35-40)

B1G vs SEC (3): 1-2
B1G vs ACC (2): 0-2
B1G vs Big-12 (1): 0-1
B1G vs PAC-12 (1): 1-0

The gripe all season from many was that Ohio State was not deserving of its ranking. The main complaint was that the conference play in the B1G was weak. And to that, I largely agree. To go 2-5 in postseason and claim that you are still a power conference is a tough sell to voters and pundits. However, I don’t think the B1G is dead. Every team has up and down years as do conferences – this is possibly no more true than in NCAA football. Go back a few decades and the B1G was the conference to beat – Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State were consistently some of the toughest teams to beat. With all this said I’m sad that the B1G didn’t fare too well this year and I hope that we come back next year and earn our respect back.

Here is how other conferences came out of the post-season.

2-0, 1.000: SUN BELT (2)
7-3, 0.700: SEC (10)
6-3, 0.667: PAC-12 (9)
2-1, 0.667: FBS INDEPENDENTS (3)
3-3, 0.500: BIG12 (6)
3-3, 0.500: MW (6)
3-3, 0.500: C-USA (6)
5-6, 0.455: ACC (11)
2-3, 0.400: AAC (5)
2-5, 0.286: B1G (7)
0-5. 0.000: MAC (5)

Even with a BCS Championship the ACC didn’t fare well either which gives some sort of creedance to the fact that even if a team has a weak conference they can still be a good team… or the Champions. I was actually one of those detractors saying that FSU may not be as good as their undefeated record shows because of their conference but in the end they pulled out a Champinship victory. I give props to the SEC and the PAC-12 in their victories as there is no doubt that these are conferences that have a lot going for them. To the B1G, my beloved B1G, all I have to say is that it is time to step up their game. Specifically I’d like to say congratuations to the Michigan Spartans on their win – they deserve their B1G Title and their Rose Bowl win!

ohio_state_potty_training_by_buckeyekes-d4rmb5cSo what will 2014 bring by Buckeyes? On our offensive line we will be losing Jack Mewhort, Andrew Norwell, Corey Linsey, and Marcus Hall. Also on offense we will be losing Carlos Hyde, Jordan Hall, Corey Philly-Brown, and Kenny Guiton. On defense we will be losing Corey Brown, C.J. Barnett, Bradley Roby (draft), and Ryan Shazier (draft). So as it seems our high-powered offense will be under full renovation and much of our defense will be left to work out their kinks. In the world of recruits Ohio State has been ranked second – we are expected to see Raekwon McMillan (ILB), Johnnie Dixon (WR), Kyle Trout (OT), Stephen Collier (QB), Sean Nuernberger (K), Marshon Lattimore (CB), Damon Webb (CB), Dante Booker (OLB), Curtis Samuel (ATH), Jamarco Jones (OT), Jalyn Holmes (WDE), Demetrius Knox (OG), Parris Campbell (WR), Erick Smith (S), Kyle Berger (OLB), Noah Brown (ATH), Sam Hubbard (ATH), Terry McLaurin (WR), Marcelys Jones (OG), Malik Hooker (ATH), and Dylan Thompson (SDE) all come into the mix.

I’m most excited to see what Damon Webb and Marshon Lattimore do to our pass defense as Ohio State’s pass defense was dismal this year – not to mention I didn’t think that Roby was all that he was cracked up to be. Roby seemed more interested in using Ohio State as a stopgap measure before he went into the NFL draft than someone that was a proud Buckeye through-and-through. I’m super sad to see Carlos Hyde and Ryan Shazier leave but at the same time excited to see how far Joey Bosa comes as he did a great job as a freshman.

I will also be looking forward to beating the Michigan Wolverines again.


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