ASU Class Review – BSEE

Backstory: I went to DeVry Phoenix from 2001 to 2004. I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology and have since realized that this is not the degree that I want. So a decade later I’ve decided that I need to go back to school and get a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering like I should have done from the very beginning. My end goal is to get a MSEE.

I know that a BSEET degree and a BSEE degree seem similar but they are not. DeVry may sell it as the same, but I assure you that they are not the same. The BSEET is probably closer to a technical degree than an engineering degree. You cannot transfer between a BSEET program and a BSEE program due to the differences in class, which in a nutshell BSEET classes are geared towards working with your hands (i.e. building circuits with your hands, using test equipment, etc) and a BSEE degree is geared towards using your mind (i.e. designing new products from scratch).

Another way to put it is – someone with a BSEE degree can probably do the job of a BSEET degree but a BSEET degree cannot always do the job of a BSEE degree.

Goal: I just want to document my journey in going back to school and giving my own unfiltered review of the classes I take. Maybe it will help someone know what to expect.


  • DeVry Credit – Credit from my BSEET degree transferred to my BSEE. Do not have to retake if I don’t want.
  • ASU Credit – Took only at ASU.
  • ASU Audit – Audit credit awarded. Have a DeVry transfer credit but want to refresh before moving onto harder courses.
  • Completed – Completed either by applying transfer credit, auditing, or taking class for first time.
  • Heavy – I consider this class to be a heavy class. Meaning, it seemed more than the credit-hour indicated, either due to difficulty of material, professor, or organization.
  • Light – I consider this class to be a light class. Meaning, it seemed less than the credit-hour indicated.

FRESHMAN (9/12 complete):

  • ASU101 (The ASU Experience) ASU Credit Completed Light
    This was as easy as a class as one can get. One paper, the rest were just writing blog posts. It was actually fairly enjoyable tough. (Spring 2017, Susan Zapia & Philip Regier)
  • CHM114 (General Chemistry for Engineers) ASU Credit Completed Heavy
    Good class overall, albeit difficult and intense. I took AP chemistry in high school and this class went way beyond what I learned there. I had great class participation on the boards from students, TA, and the professor so that really helped. Be ready to put a lot of hours into this class and be fairly confused at times. (Spring 2016, Pamela Marks)
  • CSE100 DeVry Credit Completed Transfer credit
  • EEE120 (Digital Design Fundamentals) ASU Credit Completed Light
    Pretty fun class. It was one of those classes where I walked away telling myself that I could see myself directly using the skills learned in the class to make something for fun at home. (Spring 2016, Shamala Chickamenahalli)
  • ENG101 DeVry Credit Completed Transfer credit
  • ENG102 DeVry Credit Completed Transfer credit
  • FSE100 (Introduction to Engineering) ASU Credit Completed Heavy
    This was by far my least favorite class of all time. The entire class is one giant group project, which if you are like me generally bring forth painful memories. To make matters worse the group project’s main objective was to have you build a musical instrument. I felt that teaching me about making an instrument was kind of misguided. And to top all of that off – the class was severely disorganized. (Kristen Ward & Anoop Grewal, Spring 2017)
  • HU DeVry Credit Completed Transfer credit
  • MAT265 (Calculus for Engineers I) DeVry Credit ASU Audit Completed
    Seriously awesome class. Super laid out class that was easy to follow and had just the right amount of homework that let you learn it, but didn’t try to bury you in it. This class was so well put together that I actually reconsidered my original plan of going to a community college to take MAT266. (Ruowen Liu, Spring 2017)
  • MAT266 (Calculus for Engineers II) DeVry Credit ASU Audit
  • PHY121 (Univ Physics I: Mechanics) DeVry Credit ASU Audit
  • PHY122 (University Physics Lab I) DeVry Credit ASU Audit

SOPHOMORE (1/10 complete):

  • EEE202
  • EEE203
  • EEE241
  • HU DeVry Credit Completed Transfer credit
  • MAT267
  • MAT274/5
  • MAT342/3
  • PHY131 DeVry Credit ASU Audit
  • PHY132 DeVry Credit ASU Audit
  • PHY241

JUNIOR (1/8 complete):

  • Area Pathway
  • Area Pathway
  • Area Pathway
  • Area Pathway
  • ECN211/2 DeVry Credit Completed Transfer credit
  • EEE230
  • EEE334
  • EEE350

SENIOR (1/10 complete):

  • 300/400 BIO/CHM/PHY/MAT/ENG
  • EEE488
  • EEE489
  • HU/SB DeVry Credit Completed Transfer credit
  • SB DeVry Credit Completed Transfer credit
  • Tech Elective
  • Tech Elective
  • Tech Elective
  • Tech Elective
  • Tech Elective

Those of you who are fond of details will notice that only 13 classes transferred from DeVry. Of those 13 classes only 6 of them could be construed as core classes (Math, Engineering, Physics) with the rest being english and humanities classes. Kind of sad.


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