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Ford Five Hundred Center Console Fix

So the girlfriend has a Ford Five Hundred. Her center console’s latch is broken so the console just opens up and stays open. It is annoying and really detracts from the look of the car’s interior. I looked around for a replacement latch (it’s just a piece of plastic) and could not find one. Contacted a dealership and they will only sell you the entire console (bastards). I tried to take the broken piece and “plastic weld” it, which didn’t work because the weld doesn’t do well with parts that flex. And you guessed it… the break was right on the part that flexed.

Many people online seemingly had the same problem so I decided the other day to get hillbilly with it and just fix it with some Velcro. Below is how I did it.

STEP 1: Take off the broken piece.

20130726_Center Console Fix_001

STEP 2: Take some thin wood and make a bracket. I used some 3-layer plywood that was 6mm thick and I made the piece to be 82mm x 48mm (I’m American, but using metric dimensions on a small piece like this makes much more sense [TBH, metric makes more sense for a lot of things]).

The holes have to be 60mm apart so I marked 2 holes 11mm from the sides (main thing is the holes are 60mm apart. If your piece is not exactly 82mm wide then you just need to space out your 60mm holes to be equal to each side). The holes are 17mm from the bottom of my project.

I then countersunk each hole half way into the plywood and then drilled a hole through each countersunk part. I countersunk then drilled instead of drilled and then countersunk because when I do it in the latter manner the countersinking does not turn out round. I think this is due to the fact that I do not have a drill press – if you have a drill press you should be able to do it in whatever order you want.

If you so desire, you may sand the edges ad the top – I did.

20130726_Center Console Fix_002

20130726_Center Console Fix_006

STEP 3: Attach your wood piece to the console using the same mounting screws that were holding the old piece on place (sorry, no picture of just this step).

STEP 4:  Get your Velcro and cut to length (i.e. the 82mm). I used the Velcro Extreme Indoor/Outdoor Rough Surface Fasteners, 1 inch x 4 inches version. I figured that sealing to a wood surface and a faux leather surface… and sitting in the hot car in Arizona would need something that adheres well to rough surfaces and is extra sticky.

20130726_Center Console Fix_003

STEP 5: Place Velcro to each corresponding side.

20130726_Center Console Fix_005

20130726_Center Console Fix_004

Step 6: Enjoy your new console that closes.

The two pieces of Velcro don’t seal real hard. Since I used a 6mm thick piece of wood there is still a minor gap between the two pieces of Velcro (still enough for some of the fibers to latch). This is good because the harder you push Velcro together the harder it is to pull apart. I don’t know how much stress this wood can take or the Velcro since it sits in the hot car all day so the “half Velcro seal” is probably a good thing. As it is, it still latches and that is the main thing – to have the center console latch. If you wanted a more positive seal you could do things like make the bracket out of metal, use a thicker piece of plywood/wood, and/or have a more positive way of sealing the Velcro to the wood (so it doesn’t lift off).


Being Tracked

A little fun video. It is a little scary though…  while these people know they are being tracked because of the spotlight… what about those of us that are being tracked and don’t know it?


Edge 705

Edge 705I admit, I have some serious issues that I need to work on. One of them being that I can’t stand it when people get stuff that I want – so I have to get it too, but get the next model up.

Rewind a week or so… my friend gets the Edge 205. What is the Edge you might ask? It is a GPS for your bike! Why in the heck does someone need a GPS for the bike? I know, I know… it is quite ludicrous! Now I am looking at the 705, which is 3 models up from my friends new toy.

So I try to rationalize this little baby – after all, the thing costs at least $400 – so I have to have a reason to buy it right? Right. Well, come to find out, this thing is more than just a fancy bike toy that I will use on the weekends, it is a complete trainer. One where you can ride the same path and analyze every little bit of it – elevation, your heart rate, time, distance, speed, speed over certain terrains… um… EVERYTHING! So what is my rationalization? That if I spend that much money, I will have to go outside more so I can use this thing! Ha!

So it seems that as soon as I get enough money that I will be going after this little puppy.

Sheesh… I’m going to have to join gadgets-anonymous…


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