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The Police State of Arizona

More photo radar cameras are on tap for the city of Phoenix.

Officer William Fisher said the additional cameras will target more than just red-light runners.

Fisher said there currently are red-light cameras at 12 intersections and two vans which do speed enforcement around schools and school zones.

“They’re talking about maybe adding some intersections — maybe speed on green or mid-block speed and maybe some enforcement around the light rail,” said Fisher.

He said cameras also will be used for secondary infractions, like expired tags, cracked windshields and seatbelt violations.

The cameras will be installed later this summer.

The exact locations have not been decided, according to Fisher.

“Usually how they pick the intersection is by statistics, by red-light running tickets or collisions in that intersection,” he said.

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Why is this scary to me? First off, I want to face my accuser, not be threatened through the mail with a photograph. Secondly, reviewing for second-hand offense? That means that someone has to sit there and watch us all the time. This is a police state everyone. The government, in the name of safety or whatever other crap they come up with, is going to sit there and monitor what we do. No bueno.


Chandler’s Horniest Cat

Kiku the horny cat

Everyone, this is Kiku. Kiku is the horniest cat I’ve ever seen. She has been in heat since…. I think about November 07. OK, so not constantly, but the only break she’s had is a few days. Call me stupid, but I didn’t even know that cats could be in heat this long. I can only think of a few reasons for this length of feline slutiness.

  1. She is getting older. She knows that if she does not mate soon that she will not be able to mate. Her biological clock is ticking. Too bad her only feline friend is a fixed male. Poor girl….. Poor boy too… LOL.
  2. Her owners are talking about fixing her. However, they cannot fix her if she is in heat. It is a no-no to fix an animal that is in heat. It can mess them up. So I am actually suspect that she is not in heat, and she is just faking it so she won’t get fixed.
  3. She enjoys spraying. Call it a fetish, but maybe there is just something about shooting your jolly juices over random objects.
  4. She is really a robot and her “heat.exe” program has encountered an indefinite loop. It will continue to run until the owner restarts her. Not sure how to restart her if that is the case though…

So there you have it – Kiku the horniest cat in Chandler. Any male felines that wish to help Kiku out, please leave a comment on this blog.


Road Biking Fun

Road biking 31mar Yay! I really am getting into the whole road biking thing. It is super nice out (at least right now) and I like scooting around town on two wheels under my own power.

I am really, really craving getting that Edge though. While riding around is fun, it isn’t exactly what I would like to do. Since I am such a competitive person I would like to have stats for my ride. And to have stats, I would like to see how long I was actually riding and how fast I was going during that ride.

Speaking of competition. I rode the canal and there was a guy that got on the canal right after me (Gilbert Rd and Warner). At the road crossings I obviously had to slow down to make sure that traffic clear. A couple of times he caught up to me and was crossing the street with me. One time being where there was a giant concrete ledge (the curb that was undone due to construction) that I wasn’t about to jump on a road bike. he was able to jump over it while I took a detour of about 20 feet so I could use a small ramp and a little section of sidewalk. I knew he was right there behind me and made good time getting over that curb whilst I took my detour. So what do I do once I got back on the trail? I blasted it. Pedaled until my legs lit on fire. Then the wind started kicking up – of course, in my face, not at my back – and I wouldn’t allow myself to step the gears down to make it easier. Nope! This was my chance to get more distance between us. LOL. I’m a crazy bat…

Today’s ride was 33.5 miles. Interesting enough, when I mapped it out on google maps, it said that it would have taken me 1 hr and 15 mins to drive that. For me, it took me 1 hr 40 minutes. So using that, I suppose I went an average of around 20 mph. Yay! But then again, I was taking the canal, of which I can’t trace on Google Maps,  so my average was probably closer to 18 mph. Still nice.


Bike Ride Around Chandler

bike ride around chandlerIt was a nice bike ride. My sit bones are not quite used to riding that far, so I was hurting a bit by the end. some of the roads were not very road bike friendly as they not only didnt have a bike lane, but they didn’t have a shoulder – so I just had to ride in a car lane with traffic. Yikes! I had fun waving to all the people also out there biking and running and walking strollers around. I also had fun racing cars off the line like I was some sort of dragster. LOL. So, here I am 34.5 miles later after the ride. This trip does confirm that I really would have liked to have an Edge bike computer, or well, any bike computer so I could have seen how fast I was going and how far I had gone. I think it would have been nice to have a cadence sensor too, even though I have never tried riding with cadence. Seemed like it would have helped out some. It would have also been nice to have a route where I was not stopping at every light too. I guess on the plus side, I got plenty of practice clipping in and clipping out! Oh, and riding in just bike shorts wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be. Probably more comfortable than shorts or the shorts/spandex combo.


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