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Hawes Trail: 2, Me: 0

So… Cody, Eric, and I went mountain biking on Hawes Trail last weekend. This is the second time that Eric and I rode it and Cody’s first time. Last time, I crashed (see pictures on earlier post) into multiple rocks and scuffed my legs up pretty good. This time…. Well…. just watch the slide show here. (LOL)

Hawes Trail: 2
Me: 0

And nevertheless, I will be going back many times. The trail is awesome…


Hawes Trail 23FEB08

Hawes Trail InjurySo last week I tried to ride a mountain bike with clipless pedals. If you don’t know what those are it is where your foot is actually attached to your bike. It helps you pedal and helps you to stay in control of your bike more.

However, as you can see, when you are attached to your bike, and you are too much of a n00b to know how to get off, you crash. What can’t be seen is the multiple bruises on my legs, as well as my sore shoulder muscles from basically pile driving myself into rocks.

There was a few times during that ride that I was getting downright pissed off. It is frustrating to be falling and not be able to get off your bike. You just get to tip over and watch yourself – seemingly in slow motion – fall over onto an awaiting cactus or rock. And oh yeah, and I don’t do mountain biking like Cody defines it (down a paved path on a mountain bike).

Oh, and sorry for my severely white legs….


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